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Latin 1 Guided Study


Summer 2024

Monday, June 10 – Friday, August 9, 2024


Guided-Study Course





This course introduces students to the basics of Latin grammar and vocabulary, Roman culture, mythology, and history. Using the Cambridge Latin textbook series, students will read a variety of Latin stories related to a Roman family living in Pompeii during the first century CE. The course will also cover cultural topics like Roman Gladiators and the Roman Baths, as well as the features and characteristics of the twelve Olympian Gods.

Completion of this course requires regular access to a laptop or desktop computer with working microphone and webcam, as well as a reliable internet connection.

This Guided-Study course is an opportunity for students to work individually with a teacher-mentor in a subject areas with low or inconsistent partner school demand. The course includes both synchronous and asynchronous elements, with sequenced activities and regular weekly deadlines designed to help the student keep on track and encourage and support the development of productive time management skills. In addition, the student meets one-to-one with their teacher for individualized coaching sessions. Course materials, emphases and summative projects can be tailored to accommodate student interests and school requirements.


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Middle, Upper

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Guided-Study Course

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