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Join our community of independent schools.

Why partner with us?

The strength of our collective provides a community of independent schools supporting each other in innovation and adaptation. As new educational models are explored and new challenges arise, schools collaborate to bring the most effective approaches to action. CLI brings schools together for visioning and shared opportunities regularly, and we work to individualize the partner experience for each school. Programs for school learning and leadership are an integral part of CLI and provide a solid infrastructure for superior student outcomes. CLI offers: 

What our partners say.

Constellation Learning is more than an online school, a business, or an organization that offers professional development for teachers, it’s a home. Co-founded and co-led by two extraordinarily helpful, smart, organized and kind people, Sarah Hofstra and Chris Mullis, Constellation goes above and beyond their larger competitors. Not only does Constellation offer a wide array of course offerings but they also tailor courses for students. Their model of working with host-school teachers and administrators and low student-teacher ratio ensures students do not fall between the cracks. Their flexibility in working with students in difficult situations and their all-star cast of global teachers are unmatched. Constellation also offers a suite of excellent professional development and coaching tailored for each school. If you’re looking for a place where your students in online courses and your teachers in professional development will be known and cared for, then Constellation is the right choice!

Become A Partner

Step one

Explore the possibilities

We share more about us: detailed information, course tours, and strategic models of implementation. We learn more about you: your school’s values, initiatives, and students. 

Step Two

Connect with current partners

We empower you to reach out to our current partner campus liaisons. We help you network and hear insights right from the start.  

Step Three

Plan strategically for your campus

We work with you to map an implementation vision specific to your school’s mission and goals. We consider many facets to ensure a successful partnership.