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Our Approach

Balanced & Flexible | Shared Excellence | Campus Connections

Balanced & Flexible

Constellation Learning Institute’s progressive pedagogy in online and blended learning develops student engagement as the foundation of each course. Our student-centered and learner-driven design fosters strong connections and robust discussions between faculty and students.

Our courses feature a weekly balance of synchronous meetings and asynchronous interactions, making the most of both our energetic and experienced faculty and student agency in learning.  Flexible scheduling helps complement diverse campus programming while maintaining small cohorts of connected students. CLI faculty build opportunities for students to explore curiosities while demonstrating learning in ways that leverage the adaptable use of time and place. 

Shared Excellence

Constellation Learning Institute faculty from our partner campuses teach CLI courses, creating a faculty cohort who are compeers in experience and expertise, and also in their ongoing desire to grow the field of education.

We provide one-to-one support for faculty teaching CLI courses, guiding teachers through each step of the process, from course development, through active teaching, to assessment and reflection. Our guides offer more than just tech support, working individually with teachers to implement best-practices in teaching and progressive pedagogy in blended and online environments.

Teaching online can be isolating. CLI creates a cohort of peers to build a community of practice, encouraging innovation, ideas and implementation.  Our faculty inspire and teach each other, and carry their shared experiences back into practice within their campus communities.

Campus Connections

Constellation Learning Institute values consistent communication as the foundation of individualized student learning and growth. Reliable interactions between CLI, campus liaisons and course faculty assures ongoing attention to every student.

Our faculty and staff initiate proactive connections with students celebrating their successes and helping them when they encounter challenges. In addition, CLI provides each partner campus liaison with weekly check-ins on student engagement, quarterly reports on student progress, and individualized connections through email and web conferencing to personalize learning.

What our students are saying.

Every time I completed a project or assignment, there was a sense of deeper understanding and achievement.
AP Computer Science A
The weekly live meetings and discussions have given me a sense of community with my peers. Participating in these activities is always fun, educational, and allows me to practice my French in a unique and engaging way.
The time we spent together was enjoyable, invaluable, and full of creativity.
Graphic Novels as Literature