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Fitness and Movement


Fall 2024

Monday, September 9 – Friday, December 20, 2024


Student-Paced Course





In Fitness and Movement, students are empowered to take practical steps toward developing an active, healthy lifestyle. The class is designed to provide students with the knowledge and self-management skills that will assist them in maintaining healthy habits and lifetime fitness. The course encourages an approach to total wellness that encompasses the physical, mental, social and emotional flourishing of the individual. Topics covered include fitness, injury prevention, nutrition and mindfulness. Throughout, students will be supported to determine their own course of physical activity, consistently documenting and tracking their participation.

Completion of this course requires regular access to a laptop or desktop computer with working microphone and webcam, as well as a reliable internet connection.

This Student-Paced course is a time-flexible course format that empowers students to complete rigorous and connected learning experiences while accommodating significant outside commitments, including travel, athletics, internships and camp. Students have full access to course materials and activities throughout the term. They work closely with teachers to set individualized weekly benchmarks to create accountability and build consistency. Students interact with teachers and peers via discussion threads, collaborative readings, video posts and other media. Students have the opportunity to meet live for orientation and introduction at start of term, progress check at midterm, and culminating presentations at end of term.


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Student-Paced Course

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