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AP Physics C


Year 2022 – 2023

September 12, 2022 – May 12, 2023

Tim Buli

Constellation Learning Institute


Physics and AP Calculus AB


Advanced Placement

AP Physics C is a calculus-based, college-level physics course — appropriate for students planning to major in physical science or engineering. This course prepares you to take both the AP Physics C: Mechanics and the AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism exam. Topics include kinematics, Newton’s laws of motion, systems of particles and linear momentum, circular motion and rotation, oscillations, gravitation, electrostatics, electric circuits, magnetic fields, electromagnetism, and conductors, capacitors and dielectrics. Introductory differential and integral calculus are used thoroughly.
NOTE: This course includes a lab component and requires the purchase of additional materials.


Subject Area



Advanced Placement