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Building Human Pedagogy for an AI World


Summer 2023

Active Seminar: Monday, June 12 – Friday, July 7, 2023

Optional Follow-Up: through Friday September 8, 2023

Recent developments in AI (Artificial Intelligence) are reshaping the environment for students and educators. Powerful new platforms like ChatGPT, Dall-E and others challenge us to reassess our purpose as educators and to develop new standards and pedagogies to support our students as they prepare themselves for meaningful, productive lives in a transformed world.

In this online seminar, we will actively explore the capacities and limitations of a range of AI tools; workshop activities, assignments and policies that harness AI to encourage deep learning while addressing concerns over academic honesty; read and discuss the work of cutting-edge teachers and researchers in this field.


  • 4-week active seminar (Monday, June 12 – Friday, July 7, 2023): Participants will meet synchronously over zoom, read and discuss course materials and collaboratively workshop activities and policies.
  • 9-week optional follow-up (through Friday September 8, 2023): Participants will have the opportunity to continue as a PLC (professional learning community) via asynchronous discussion threads, as well as continued workshopping of lesson plans, and access to all course materials.


Christopher Mullis, PhD, Co-Founder, Constellation Learning Institute



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Single, Team (5 for the price of 4)